Fines Act (Ireland) 1851

Officers who shall enter and account for findes, &c.

1. The proper officers to make entries and render accounts of all such penal sums as aforesaid for the several courts by which such penal sums shall be ordered to be paid shall be the several officers or persons herein-after mentioned; viz.

1. The clerk of the Crown for the Crown side of the Court of Queen’s Bench and for the Crown court at assizes;

2. The clerk of the rules for the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer, and for the civil side of the Court of Queen’s Bench, and for the civil court at assizes;

3. The clerk of the peace for quarter sessions;

4. The chief clerk or such other other clerk as shall be deputed by the justices for that purpose for each divisional police office of Dublin Metropolis;

5. The clerk of petty sessions for each petty sessions;

6. And the person at any other court whose duty it shall be to attend and make entries of the proceedings:

And the provisions herein-after contained shall severally apply to such respective officers and persons, or their legally authorized deputies, (if any,) as fully as if the more particular designation of each of such officers, persons, or deputies was repeated in each provision.