Civil Bill Courts (Ireland) Act, 1851

Oath of assistant barristers.

Assistant barristers to take the following oath before Lord Chancellor before they act.


3. No assistant barrister already appointed, if removed to any other county or riding, nor any assistant barrister hereafter to be appointed, shall proceed to act as assistant barrister until he shall have first taken the following oath before the Lord High Chancellor or Keeper or any Commissioner of the Great Seal of Ireland for the time being; which oath the said chancellor, keeper, or commissioner is hereby empowered to administer; that is to say,

‘I, A.B., do swear, that I will execute the office of assistant ‘barrister for the county of         [or riding of the county ‘of         ], and for any other county or riding to which ‘I may be hereafter appointed, diligently, justly and impartially, ‘and without favour, affection, or malice, do equal right to all ‘the Queen’s subjects that shall come within my jurisdiction; ‘and that I will in all things, to the best of my skill and power, ‘faithfully execute all the duties imposed or that shall hereafter ‘be imposed on me in virtue of such office.

So help me God.’

Provided always, that any assistant barrister, who shall have once taken the said oath, shall not be obliged to repeat the same on any subsequent removal to any county or riding.