Excise Act, 1848

Limitation of informations for excise penalties.

3. [Repeal of 4 & 5 Will 4. c. 51. s. 19. in part] . . . ; every information exhibited by order of the Commissioners of Excise for the recovery of any penalty imposed, or for the condemnation of any seizure made as forfeited, under or by virtue of any Act or Acts relating to any duties under the collection and management of the Commissioners of Excise or of the Commissioners of Customs, may be exhibited before the, . . . justice or justices of the peace at any time within six calendar months after the offence or offences alleged in such information have been committed, or the goods, commodities, chattels, or things therein alleged to have been forfeited have been seized, and all such proceedings shall be afterwards had thereupon as by law directed, anything in any other Act or Acts of Parliament to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.