Bankers (Ireland) Act, 1845

All bankers in Ireland to return their names, &c. once a year to the stamp office in Dublin.

Returns to be published.

22. Every banker in Ireland, other than the Bank of Ireland, who is now carrying on or shall hereafter carry on business as such, shall, on the first day of January in each year, or within fifteen days thereafter, make a return to the commissioners of stamps and taxes, at their office in Dublin, of his name, residence, and occupation, or, in the case of a company or partnership, of the name, residence, and occupation of every person composing or being a member of such company or partnership, and also the name of the firm under which such banker, company, or partnership carry on the business of banking, and of every place where such business is carried on; and if any such banker shall omit or refuse to make such return within fifteen days after the said first day of January, or shall wilfully make other than a true return of the persons as herein required, every banker so offending shall forfeit or pay the sum of fifty pounds; and the said commissioners of stamps and taxes shall on or before the first day of March in every year publish in the Dublin Gazette a copy of the return so made by every banker.