Slave Trade Act, 1843



An Act for the more effectual Suppression of the Slave Trade.[1] [24th August 1843.]

[Recital of 5 Geo. 4, c. 113. s. 2.] And whereas it is expedient that from and after the commencement of this Act the provisions of the said Act herein-before recited shall be deemed to apply to, and extend to render unlawful, and to prohibit, the several Acts, matters, and things therein mentioned when committed by British subjects in foreign countries and settlements not belonging to the British crown, in like manner and to all intents and purposes as if the same were done or committed by such persons within the British dominions, colonies, or settlements; and it is expedient that further provisions should be made for the more effectual suppression of the slave trade, and of certain practices tending to promote and encourage it:

[1 Short title, “The Slave Trade Act, 1843.” See 55 & 56 Vict. c. 10.]