Dublin Police Act, 1842

Forms of information, summons, and conviction.

72. Any divisional justice before whom any information shall be laid in writing against any person, or before whom any person shall be convicted in respect of any offence under this or any other Act of Parliament, may cause the information, summons, and the conviction to be drawn up according to the forms respectively given in schedule (B.) to this Act annexed, or any other forms to the same effect, as the case may require: Provided always, that this enactment shall not invalidate any information, summons, or conviction laid or drawn in any other form which may be more specially suited to the case, or may be provided by law; and in any information in writing, and in every conviction for an offence contrary to any statute or statutes, it shall be sufficient if the offence shall be stated in the words of the statute declaring the offence or attaching any penalty thereunto.