Dublin Police Act, 1839

Provisions as to actions brought against constables for acts done in obedience to warrants.

13. Provided always, that when any action shall be brought against any constable appointed under the herein-before recited Act of the sixth and seventh years of the reign of his late Majesty for any act done in obedience to a warrant addressed to him to be executed, such constable shall not be responsible for any irregularity in the issuing of such warrant, or for any want of jurisdiction in the party issuing the same; . . . and upon producing such warrant and proving that the signature thereto is the handwriting of the person whose name shall appear subscribed thereto, and that such person has acted in the capacity in virtue of which he may have signed the warrant, and that the act or acts complained of were done in obedience to such warrant, the jury who shall try the said issue shall find a verdict for such constable, and such constable shall recover his costs of suit.