Grand Jury (Ireland) Act, 1836

Penalty for giving or promising any money, &c. to obtain the appointment to any office or employment under this Act.

Persons appointed to any such office to subscribe a declaration at the next assizes, which shall be preserved.

87. If any person shall by himself, his friends, or agents, directly or indirectly give or promise to give any money, or any security for money, or other consideration, to any person or persons, in order to procure the appointment to the office of treasurer, clerk of the peace, secretary of the grand jury, surveyor, or any other office or employment in this Act mentioned, or in order to procure the resignation of any person or persons holding such office, or in order to influence the votes of the persons who may have the appointment to such office, he shall be incapable of holding any such office or employment, and shall forfeit for every such offence a sum of one hundred pounds to any person who will sue for the same; and such sum may be recovered by civil bill before the assistant barrister, or by action in any of the superior courts; and every person appointed to any of such offices shall, at the assizes next after his appointment, subscribe in open court before the foreman of the grand jury and deliver to him a declaration in the form in the schedule (T.) to this Act annexed, and the same shall be preserved by the clerk of the crown among the records of the county; and no presentment shall be made for any salary to any such officer until he shall have so subscribed and delivered such declaration.