Grand Jury (Ireland) Act, 1836

Presentment for salary of surgeon of county infirmary.

Declaration to be signed by surgeon of infirmary, &c.

86. It shall and may be lawful for the grand jury of any county to present at each assizes any sum not exceeding forty-seven pounds, to be raised off such county, and paid to the surgeon or surgeons of the infirmary thereof: Provided always, that no such presentment shall be made unless, together with an application therefor, a certificate signed by the governors of such infirmary or hospital, or by five of them at the least, shall be laid before the presentment sessions, which certificate shall state that the surgeon or surgeons, for whom such sum is requested to be presented, hath or have resided at or within one mile of such infirmary, and duly and faithfully executed his or their duty as surgeon of such infirmary or hospital, and diligently complied with the rules and regulations of the governors of such infirmary, since the date of the last application, nor unless a true copy (certified under the hand of the treasurer of such infirmary or hospital) of the letters testimonial from the college of surgeons in Ireland by law required to be obtained by every such surgeon shall be laid before the special sessions next after his appointment to his office, . . . and provided also, that no surgeon or medical attendant hereafter appointed shall be qualified to act as surgeon of any infirmary or dispensary until he shall have signed and deposited with the secretary of the grand jury a declaration in the form in the schedule (R.) to this Act annexed.