Grand Jury (Ireland) Act, 1836

Presentment for support of county infirmary.

85. It shall be lawful for the grand jury of any county at each assizes to present to be raised off such county (whether there be or be not any special provision in any Act of Parliament relative thereto) a sum not exceeding seven hundred pounds, to be paid to the treasurer of the infirmary of such county, and applied to the support and maintenance of such infirmary: Provided always, that, together with an application for such presentment, a certificate under the hand of the physician or surgeon of such infirmary, stating the number and names of patients, as well extern as intern, received and relieved since the preceding application, and also a true debtor and creditor account of the funds and expenses thereof, commencing from the time of the preceding application, attested by the signature of the treasurer of such infirmary, shall have been laid before the presentment sessions, and that such application and account shall have been approved of thereat.