Grand Jury (Ireland) Act, 1836

Mode of obtaining compensation for injuries committed near boundaries of counties.

140. Provided also, that in case such burning or other malicious injury as aforesaid shall be committed on the verge or within the distance of one mile of the boundary of any two or more counties, the person or persons who shall sustain such injury may apply for compensation, in the manner herein-before directed, in either or any one of such neighbouring counties; and all proceedings shall be taken thereupon as herein-before provided with respect to other applications for damages for malicious injury; and in case any sum or sums of money shall be presented by the grand jury of the county where such application shall be made, or shall be finally awarded by the verdict of any jury, as and for compensation to the person or persons applying as aforesaid, the judge at the assizes of such county shall have power and authority to apportion the amount of such compensation amongst such neighbouring counties, and shall direct the proportion of the same which shall be paid by them respectively, and shall certify the same accordingly; and such presentment shall thereupon be diminished, or presentment made, according to the proportion which the said judge shall direct to be paid by such county; and the grand jury or grand juries of the said other neighbouring county or counties respectively shall and they are hereby required, on the production of the certificate of such judge declaring the proportion to be paid by such county or counties, to present such proportion when the same shall exceed one hundred pounds to be raised off the county at large, and if such proportion shall be under one hundred pounds to be raised off the barony or baronies in or near to which such injury shall be alleged to be committed, and paid to the person or persons so applying, as the case may require.