Bank of Ireland Act, 1821

Persons in partnerships residing 50 miles from Dublin may borrow any sum of money on bills and notes payable on demand, without being liable to penalty.

Irish Act, 21 & 22 Geo. 3. c. 16.

6. It shall and may be lawful for any number of persons in Ireland, united or to be united in societies or partnerships, and residing and having their establishments or houses of business at any place not less than fifty miles distant from Dublin, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their bills or notes payable on demand, and to make and issue such notes or bills accordingly, payable on demand, at any place in Ireland exceeding the distance of fifty miles from Dublin, all the individuals composing such societies or copartnership being liable and responsible for the due payment of such bills and notes; and such persons shall not be subject or liable to any penalty for the making or issuing such bills or notes; anything in an Act made in the Parliament of Ireland hold en in the twenty-first and twenty-second years of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Third, intituled “An Act for establishing a bank by the name of “the governor and company of the Bank of Ireland,” to the contrary notwithstanding.