electronic Irish Statute Book (eISB)

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The electronic Irish Statute Book (eISB) includes Acts of the Oireachtas and Statutory Instruments, the official versions of which remain the printed versions published by Government Publications. You can track amendments to legislation, access the Constitution and a selection of pre-1922 legislation while links to external legislation resources are also provided.

Most Recent Legislation in PDF

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All Acts of the Oireachtas from 1922 to date, Statutory Rules and Orders from 1922 to 1947 and Statutory Instruments from 1948 to date and a selection of pre-1922 Legislation.

ISB Intro

This is the text of the most recently printed version.

Frequently Asked Questions & Helpdesk

Everything you need to know on finding legislation on the eISB is contained in our FAQ.
A helpdesk is also available here, however neither the Office of the Attorney General nor the helpdesk provide assistance with interpretative queries on legislation.